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150 Ton Free Cooling Chiller

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Case Study: Free Cooling Chiller for a Data Center

We can custom build chillers for your facility with any requirements you have + incorporate free-cooling for significant energy and cost savings during winter months!

An example of what we built for a customer is provided below.

Key Features

  1. Integrated Fee-Cooling Economizer Coil for Energy Savings

  2. On-board controls phase in Free-Cooling when Ambient Conditions Permit

  3. Integrated custom Pumping Package

Three Systems in one PackageReduce Footprint / Simplify Design / Integrate Systems

  • Replace chiller, pumping package, fluid cooler with single skid

  • All components engineered to work together simplifying Installation & Maintenance

  • No need for Engineers to coordinate between multiple vendors

  • No need to pipe and wire between multiple systems

  • Factory testing of components and controls reduces on-site labor and installation time

  • One company/warranty covering the entire system

To View more details on this example please click here.

Contact us to see what we can do for your application!

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