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Chiller with Remote Air-Cooled Condenser

Updated: Aug 8, 2019


Looking for ways to increase efficiency and simplify your system?

For applications where the leaving fluid temperature is above freezing, beginning at around 38°F, it may be possible to eliminate glycol as the secondary fluid by placing the chiller indoors. [See diagram and benefits below]

We offer:

  • chillers with a remote condenser, allowing the condenser to be installed outdoors, with all other chiller components remaining indoors

  • cold ambient start packages, allowing the chiller to start as low as -20°F i


> Lower installation cost

  • No glycol= no plate/ frame heat exchangers needed, resulting in reduced costs

  • No glycol= lower costs, safer space because related safety issues are eliminated, less maintenance because testing and mixing is eliminated

> Increased efficiency

  • No gylcol= increase saturated suction temp. by up to 10°F --> chiller capacity and efficiency can increase 20+%

  • No glycol= less pumping power needed, saving energy and increasing efficiency

  • No glycol= no loss in the effectiveness of heat transfer (with glycol you're reducing this effectiveness by 5-10% +)


A remote condensing chiller can often be purchased at a similar price to a standard air-cooled chiller, with built-in condenser.

Contact us for more info!

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