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Delta Cooling Towers: chemical resistance, reduced maintenance

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Delta Cooling Towers have great benefits over traditional steel cooling towers. They are corrosion proof and engineered for superior chemical resistance with a HDPE shell.

Take a look at our summary of their anti-corrosive & low maintenance benefits below!

Corrosion proof cooling towers!

Delta’s HDPE (high-density polyethylene) towers are engineered for superior chemical resistance.  The cooling tower shell will never rust, flake, chip, peel or ever need painting or protective coatings applied.  This is backed up by a  20 YEAR WARRANTY on the cooling tower structural shell.  In addition, Delta’s cooling tower motors have a 5-year warranty.

Low Maintenance/ Fewer Chemicals Required!

As a practical matter, chemical treatment is simplified in a number of ways.

  1. Chemical Treatment (reduction): The elimination of steel from the tower significantly reduces the amount of corrosion inhibitor required for tower treatment.  Even a stainless steel tower, depending on the steel classification and application, may require more chemical treatment than the HDPE engineered plastic tower.  This simplifies chemical treatment and reduces annual treatment/chemical costs. 

  2. Dirt/ debris & Bacteria (reduction): The molded design of the tower is curved avoiding the accumulation of dirt and debris, which often contributes to biofilm and bacterial growth, which can reduce biocide requirements.  It also makes the towers easier to clean and maintain contributing to avoided maintenance costs. 

  3. Water Usage (reduced): The seamless design eliminates water seepage from the tower lowering water usage, also reducing chemical treatment costs over the life of the tower.

In conclusion, our towers are engineered to be chemically resistant to all common water treatment chemicals used to protect conventional towers, and will not corrode, flake, chip or decay. They have numerous design features which simplify maintenance, and reduce chemical treatment costs. Based on their superior chemical resistance, they are frequently applied in industrial applications where other chemicals are found in the water.

Contact us today to learn more about specific testing completed for the chemicals used in your application.

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