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Refrigerant Circuiting: A Critical Design Feature

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Refrigerant Circuiting

One of the more important design factors for any chiller, refrigeration, or DX cooling system is the layout of the refrigerant circuiting.

What impacts system reliability and capacity control?

  • the number of circuits

  • type and number of compressors

  • unloading and speed-control

The cooling load profile and reliability requirements for each application are unique, and selecting equipment designed to meet these application requirements will help ensure reliable and efficient operation over the equipment's design life.

Shutdowns/ System Reliability

How can your independent refrigerant circuits help avoid product shut-downs and increase system reliability?

  1. Component failures can damage other components and cause extended shutdowns

  2. If a component is critical to the process or application and is damaged, a backup plan is needed

  3. This is where multiple refrigerant circuits come in!

>> To prevent shutdowns due to damaged components, the remaining circuit(s) can often meet most if not all of the cooling load until the equipment is repaired.

Capacity Control

Extending equipment turn-down ratio:

  • Each application has a unique load profile and the equipment will have a certain turn-down ratio capable of operating reliably over a given capacity range.

  • Cooling loads sustained below the minimum cooling capacity can result in compressor short cycling, problems with oil return, and liquid refrigerant flood-back-- all of which negatively impact reliability and efficiency.

  • That's where we come in! The right expertise, paired with a wide range of equipment options to select from, ensure application requirements are met and service life is extended with higher operating efficiencies.

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