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Top 3 Considerations When Purchasing a Dairy Chiller

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A chiller is a major investment for your dairy operation. Making the right choices will pay big dividends over the life of the equipment you choose, with a significant impact on the quality of your product, the reliability of your operation, and energy and maintenance costs.

Following are some key items to consider:

1. Energy Efficiency

Adding a free-heating hot water tank, and free-cooling heat exchanger can significantly lower your energy cost.


+ Auxiliary ports can be added at no cost, supporting a future upgrade to a free-heater

+ Energy Utilities and government agencies will often subsidize the cost of these energy savings features.

2. Reliability

Don't overlook options that can increase the reliability of your refrigeration equipment. Following are some key items that you want to consider when making your purchase:

a) Look for a chiller specifically built for dairy applications, and avoid air-conditioning duty chillers re-purposed for refrigeration.

b) Ensure the chiller has the features such as a glycol buffer tank, low ambient start protection, and multi-stages for increased reliability. These features will ensure your chiller is ready to meet your needs during the high loads in summer, and the extreme winter weather.

3. Support

The success of your operation relies on the reliability of your equipment. Make sure the companies you deal with are committed to giving you the support when you need it most. Look for companies that:

+ Are committed to the dairy industry

+ Have a strong base of installed equipment in critical-cooling applications

+ Provide equipment manufactured with high quality components, available at your local supply house

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