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Bringing Reliability to Dairy Farms

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Maintaining correct temperatures for dairy products is extremely important, and when you need a reliable HVAC system to do just that, we've got the right solution!

Now that we are partnered with G&D Chillers, we can serve you locally right out of NYS and provide you with the best quality, standard or custom built, glycol chillers that "eliminate the need for field-installed refrigerant lines and components, by circulating food-grade non-toxic propylene glycol to remove unwanted heat from a process, product, or fluid (like raw milk)".


- Tank-based system no longer reliable? Install a glycol chiller to reliably cool milk during transfer from parlor to insulated tank.

- Higher volume milking parlor? A packaged glycol chiller can cool milk rapidly to keep temperatures and bacteria growth under control!

-Larger producers/ moving to direct tanker load out: Handle high volumes rapidly with a glycol chiller!

-Glycol chillers are also less expensive to install, more reliable, & easier to maintain than conventional refrigeration systems!

As a partner of G&D, we provide chillers with simple, smart designs and use the highest quality parts that are recognized and understood by your local service guy and readily available through local aftermarket suppliers.

G&D has top quality equipment and customer service. Since they are in Oregon, we can help bridge the distance gap and help you with anything you may need before, during, and after the sale. We're committed to getting you the best solutions and cutting your costs while increasing your performance!

To view the original article we referenced and read more, please click here.

To learn more about G&D's glycol chillers, please click here.

Contact us with any questions, for a free consultation, or a qoute on a chiller!

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