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Temp-plate Banks for Hydrocooling

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Hydrocooling is one of the fastest methods for cooling and preserving fresh produce by cooling large quantities at once.

Utilizing Immersed Temp-Plate® Banks in hydrocoolers provides an energy-efficient heat exchanging solution for rapidly chilling and recirculating water for hydrocooling, which is not possible with conventional cooling methods because debris needs to be cleaned out each time.

See how the process works below:

  • Increases efficiency by recirculating cooled water

  • Saves energy & reduces costs

  • Easy maintenance

  • Reduces waste from harvested produce getting damaged

Learn more about our Temp-Plate Banks!

Contact us if you're interested in equipping your hydrocooling system with immersed Paul Mueller Company Temp-Plate® banks!

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