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Dedicated to Brewing

Whether you're a craft brewery or a larger brewery, we have tailored solutions for you!

We know how important refrigeration systems are in the brewing process, and we're here to ensure you have the most efficient and reliable systems on the market!

At EBR, we have a wide range of options to increase your efficiency & save you money, all while perfectly cooling your beer. We are local to the upstate NY area, have decades of experience, and will be with you every step of the way from planning, through installation, and into production. Check out our top products for you below & explore our difference! 


For large breweries, CO2 Racks, either stand alone or cascaded to your existing ammonia plant, can be a great alternative to get control of your ammonia charge levels.

>For a summary of advantages on CO2 over central ammonia plants check out our other blog post!

Transcritical & Cascading CO2 Systems GWP 1 ODP 0

The non-toxic alternative with low upfront costs, low water use & low maintenance. + Great heat recovery capabilities. *Customizable*

For more information click the photo, or contact us at +1 (315) 320-6385

Continuous Line Panels (Click for more info)

For large breweries, CLPs are a great option because they are thermally efficient, strong, and light weight. {Made to order}

  • Span farther without additional structural support

  • Short lead times and easy installation

// Contact us at +1 (315) 320-6385


For craft breweries, a glycol chiller is a great option. We represent G&D Chillers, a partner with a long history of dedication to craft breweries - check out our additional accessories below.

Standard/ Custom Chillers (G&D)

  • Custom configuration options/ assistance with sizing + more

  • Multiple circuits for backup & redundancy

  • Microprocessor control module with ethernet communications

{EBR can assist with data collection, for preventative maintenance and process improvement}

  • Free cooling/ heating options

  • Heat exchangers for wort cooling (single/ 2 stage)

Walk-in Coolers are also a great option for craft breweries.

Walk In Coolers (KPS)

  • Quick ship options (72 hrs)

  • Custom units available

  • Optional condensing units/ cooling coils available

  • High-density resin frames available for bigger energy savings

We have a wide variety of high-quality equipment, accessories, and more!

We provide free consultations, system analyses, and complimentary assistance with sizing, planning, design/layout, and anything else you may need!

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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