Chilled Water Skid


Took a look at last week's post on Chillers with a Remote Air-Cooled Condenser and found that a remote condenser is not an option for you? No worries, we can still help you reduce your costs and increase your efficiency with different solutions, one being a chilled water skid!

What does a Chilled Water Skid (CWS) do?

A CWS integrates glycol with your chilled water system.

  • The chilled water skid is designed to easily create cold water from your glycol loop

  • You can integrate it into your facilities chilled water system, or create chilled water for a separate process or load

The package includes:

  • chilled water pump

  • double walled heat exchanger

  • modulated chilled water control with settable control setpoint

What are the Benefits?

All components are in a single package, which:

  • simplifies installation

  • reduces on-site labor, saving time and money

  • reduces the required footprint

A standard solution (10 – 100 tons) will benefit you by:

  • the package being built by a single company, with a great reputation (G&D Chillers)

  • the chilled water temperature being controlled independently

  • the cost of glycol being reduced

  • optimizing the chiller size by using CWS to create cold water storage

Questions? Thoughts?

Contact us and learn more about how we can help YOU!

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