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Metal-clad Cooling Towers Being Eaten Alive by Harsh Environments, New Tech to Solve this Issue

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Jim Ruddy, president of Proprietary Systems, Inc. Westlake Village, California says metal-clad cooling towers "rust and corrode all the time. They are attacked internally by process chemicals and externally by environmental elements. Metal towers can also corrupt processes, causing headaches that can cost thousands of dollars many times over."

Low PH coolants (resulting from environmental/ process effects) coming into contact with the zinc material used in almost all metal-clad cooling towers almost immediately causes deterioration. A PH lower than 4 will destroy zinc plating within a few months, resulting in costly repairs for metal-clad cooling towers.

Very high PH levels will also negatively impact these cooling towers and cause deterioration


To combat this issue, a new technology has been developed: the engineered plastic cooling tower. Delta Cooling Towers are composed of material impervious to the harsh pH environments that devastate metal cooling towers. DCT are "energy efficient, available in a wide array of capacities and air flows, and will operate with both process and energy efficiency for many years".

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