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Preventing Corrosion-- Are Corrosion Inhibitors like VCI and MCI the best option?

Metal-clad cooling towers or chillers are highly prone to corrosion, especially when they reside in harsh outdoor conditions. This refrigeration equipment can corrode over time and be costly to repair or replace, but it can also corrode extremely quickly soon after it is purchased, reducing it's usability and returning no value on your investment. Rust and corrosion has been a long time problem for those dealing with refrigeration equipment, causing clogging and decay that render systems useless and damaged.

There are preventative measures you can take, like vapor-phase or mitigating corrosion inhibitors, which create a protective layer to prevent corrosion on cooling towers and chillers.

However, this is not the best solution!

You can avoid the risk of corrosion and the cost and troubles of purchasing and applying corrosion inhibitors all together by switching out your metal-clad cooling towers with Delta Cooling Towers.

These towers are made with a light-weight, but heavy-duty, plastic shell that is corrosion proof, even to the most extreme environments, like harsh, snowy winters, or burning hot coastal locations.

To learn more about Delta Cooling Towers, click here!

To get a quote on a tower or for any other questions, contact us!

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