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Protecting Your Facilities from Legionnaires' Disease

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

You can help keep your facility and NY state safe! When an outbreak of Legionella occurred in the South Bronx, a local Hospital decided to be a part of the solution by changing their HVAC system and switching over to Delta's Anti-Microbial Cooling Tower, the only tower built to fight off the bacterium.

Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of lung infection caused by exposure to bacteria known as Legionella, which can often be found in HVAC systems like steel/ metal cooling towers, and can spread to humans when expelled water vapor or mist containing the bacteria is inhaled.

Following the outbreak in the South Bronx, NYS created regulations on cooling towers to prevent this kind of outbreak from occurring again. However, these regulations place much of the burden on the facilities maintenance staff making it much more difficult to maintain HVAC and refrigeration systems, and also increasing the cost. However, one manufacture has come up with a unique solution that mitigates the risk of Legionella. The industry standard steel cooling towers corrode over time, are difficult to clean and maintain, and can be an ideal host for the growth of bacteria such as Legionella. Replace these towers with Delta's Anti-Microbial Cooling Towers, which are built with an Anti-Microbial HDPE plastic resin heavy duty shell, and are corrosion proof! No more bacteria and no more corrosion! Plus, they are much easier to maintain than steel cooling towers and will lower your operational and maintenance costs! The cooling tower shell even has a 20 year warranty--the longest in the industry! This is why THIS HOSPITAL MADE THE SWITCH! You should too!

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Be a part of the solution! Help the NYS community, and improve your facility!

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