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Solutions: Fight Legionella and Eliminate Water Treatment + Regulatory Compliance

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Find out how you can simplify your HVAC so you don't have to worry about Legionella, NYS regulations on cooling towers, water treatment, and more pesky issues.

Option 1 ^ : Delta Cooling Towers:

  • The only tower built to stop Legionella

  • 20 year warranty on the plastic, heavy duty shell

  • 5 year warranty on motors

  • Less maintenance

Option 2 v : Adiabatic Cooling:

* 80% less water usage compared to a cooling tower

* 40% less airflow than air-cooled equipment

* Corrosion resistant, less maintenance

Watch our short video to compare the options and their benefits and help you

view the original campaign here:

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