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Supreme Court: HC Refrigerant Case

November 2018

The Supreme Court has decided to not revisit the 2017 decision to block the EPA'S ban on HFC refrigerants. For now, the use of HFC refrigerants remains legal, but this may change soon as the EPA considers new policies regarding this matter. Regardless, individual states and many manufacturers are phasing down HFCs through state and company regulations.

"In 2017, the Court of Appeals ruled the SNAP Program (Significant New Alternatives Policy) was designed only to address ozone-depleting substances, and while HFCs are suspected of contributing to climate change, they do not deplete the ozone layer."

Despite this decision from the Supreme Court right now, the U.S. could still possibly ratify the Kigali Amendment, which calls for a global phase down of HFCS by more than 80% over a 30 year time period starting in January of 2019.

While federal HFC regulations will likely remain in flux for a while, leaving many in the industry unsure of the fate of HFC refrigerants, some states are taking their own actions in creating regulations to phase down HFC use. "Many countries and regions around the world are moving away from HFCs to safer, more efficient and environmentally preferable offerings, including HFOs." Manufacturers are also planning phase downs so as to not create issues of differing regulations that have great potential to drive costs up for manufacturers and consumers alike.

To read the full article we referenced, please click here.

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