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The Cooling Towers That Can Handle Anything!

Coastal location where wind blows corrosive salt air? Our Delta Cooling Towers are corrosion proof due to their HDPE resin, heavy-duty plastic shell. Sunny location causing harsh UV radiation on your tower? It can do NO damage to our Delta Cooling Towers! Affordable? Check. Top Quality? Check. Energy Savings? Check! The design of the cooling tower fan system allows for controls to regulate the speed of the fan according to ambient temperature, which saves energy and in turn, MONEY! Find out more >

Find out how a distillery in Hawaii found a cooling tower that could withstand all the complications that come with having a distillery in this HOT, beach location.

Kolani Distillers were looking for a cooling tower that can withstand the ocean breeze sending salt onto the tower, the extreme temperatures and sunlight, and a tower that would be reliable for cooling regardless of weather conditions. They obtained a Paragon Series Delta Cooling Tower from a New Hampshire Plant that shut down, it was used in this plant for 6 years in harsh winters, and it now operated in the sunny, tropical location in Maui. How's that for weather tolerance!

Read more to find out what struggles Kolani Distillers faced in search of a cooling tower and the benefits they were pleasantly surprised with after installing the Delta Tower!

You can also check out an interview with Kolani Distillers if you'd like to know more about them, here.

To learn more about Delta's towers, please click here.

Contact us with any questions, for a free consultation, or a qoute on a tower!

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