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Company Launch

11/ 2016

We're excited to announce the launch of Eagle Bay Refrigeration, your local provider of reliable HVAC equipment, built specifically around your unique needs.

Check out our short informational pamphlet on our equipment and products.

Besides our awesome products, how else can we help you?

We provide support before, during, and after the sale for every customer, guaranteed. Whatever questions you may have or help you may need, we're here for you.

Check out our informational

pamphlet on our engineering


We're glad that we can finally work with you directly and provide you with the support you deserve without all the hassle that comes with many other HVAC suppliers. At Eagle Bay Refrigeration, we do it our way, HVAC is our passion, and you are our top priority!

Contact Us!

Feel free to contact us via the "contact" section of our website or chat with us on our live chat!

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